Moment of Inspiration – Magdalena Serwin

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Moment of Inspiration – Magdalena Serwin – 2020

Oil on canvas, 90×80 cm


Magdalena Serwin, an artist of the young generation, a painter specializing in oil and putty technique, a graduated graphic designer of applied arts, a graduate of the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz, gaining experience under the guidance of wonderful artists.
Impressionism, which she emphasizes, is a devotee admirer. Her works are characterized by tasteful contrast, breaking gray and black with warm colors. She has already had several exhibitions in Poland, and her paintings are hanging in private collections in Germany, Great Britain, the United States, etc.,
Painting is her passion and at the same time a kind of calmness, breath from everyday matters.
She is a perfectionist, and while painting, she always tries to find something unusual in something ordinary.
Ordinary characters, unknown to anyone, with whom each recipient can identify, make friends.